As a result of hearing about a close friend of Ralph and Georgie's  who struggled with cancer treatment and the devastation of hair loss, we have now introduced a range of beautiful wigs of all colours and  styles  in fibre and real hair. These can be trimmed to suit, and fitted before or after treatment. We will advise on how to care for wig and have products available to aide this.

We work closely with NHS Oncology Department and Dermatology department and are happy to make hospital visits should this be more suitable. If distance is a problem, we can meet  in the Maggie Centre to coincide with any hospital appointments.

Georgie is now making the first wednesday of every month, a regular visit to the Maggie Centre to discuss hair loss, wigs and suggestions with other products that may make this journey easier. During her time in the centre there will be an opportunity for people to look at our wigs and have their prescription wig supplied.

We recognise the importance of beautiful hair to all clients, and it is our goal to try and give  back the psychological medicine that ones own hair gives naturally.

Our large range is available to all customers.

For further information please call the salon and arrange to meet Georgie.


You can pick you own style or we can help you pick one that will work with your look. First time buyers norrmally pick a wig that feels familiar to them, but thanks to our salon, you can always come and try different styles and colours until you find the one that its right for you. under the sound advice of our wig technicians. For our online buyer we devided our wigs in 3 main styles: Shorth length, medium length and long length.


Human Hair or Synthetic?

This could be the most common question asked to us by our clients. Theres not real better or worst option, its just that each type has very particular qualities that suit different style of needs. So in a nutshell here are the main characteristics of each type of hair.


Wig Construction

Even when two wigs look exctly the same from the outside the inside or "construction" can be completely different. This differences can make a huge difference on the suitability and characteristics of the user needs. To learn more about each construction type, have a look at our explanation below.


What's My size?

98% of people is an average size, this is because all of our wigs have adjustable pull straps. Our Petite size is suitable for children and adults. Heres a guide of the different sizes:

Petit 21" (53.3cm)
Average 22" (55.8cm)
Large 23" (58.4cm)


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